4.1 Purchasing Procedure Updates

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We have made some changes to our Purchasing procedures to hopefully improve efficiency and reduce overall back & forth communication between departments. Ultimately, everything on Sales Order with an expected ship date within 60 days will be ordered into our warehouse- if you are not ready to order something , it is not yet approved, or set up completely, remove it from Sales Order immediately to prevent accidental purchasing of incorrect products.

Below you will find details for the following scenarios:

  • Who to contact for each Vendor- Assigned Buyer
  • Eliminate Email Requisition Form- Ordering Material
  • Ordering Clubhouse and Special Order Items before our standard 60 Days- Special Order/Amenity Items
  • How to determine when material will be ordered- Order Frequency
  • How to advise Purchasing department of your expected Purchase Price- Communicating Expected Purchase Price
  • Who/how to contact regarding an urgent order- Urgent Orders