Multi Family

Camden McGowen Station

  • Company: Camden Property Trust
  • Location: Houston, TX
For this luxury apartment project we created a full lighting package with a high-end, pristine feel, while staying within client’s budget.

For the large outdoor courtyard, replete with stone flooring, lightweight patio furniture and stone flower beds, we added cozy, inviting string lighting for dusk and nighttime events. For the pool decks we provided subtle lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere overlooking a serene, multilayered pool.

Beyond the outdoor spaces, we helped to create a bright, clean aesthetic in the individual units with pendant lights. For the common areas, we provided fixtures that matched the buildings’ color temperatures, properly illuminated all areas and flowed with the interior design.

In both indoor and outdoor areas, we collaborated with the landscaping team and architect to create lighting solutions that enhanced the existing architecture and landscaping design.


Multi Family

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